Nonprofit Volunteer System

Want to grow your volunteer base? Use your website as a recruitment hub.
Our volunteer system gives you the ability to manage and maintain relationships with these special supporters.

Create a Volunteer Community

Attracting and retaining volunteers means offering exciting and meaningful opportunities for people to connect with your mission. Our volunteer system makes it easy to collect contact information for volunteers who want to get involved, sort them into interests, and build trust by staying in touch.

Unlimited volunteer listings

Promote one-time opportunities

Recruit for ongoing opportunities

Dedicated page for each position

Unlimited volunteer profiles

Adding or editing Volunteering Opportunities from Frontend

Engage Volunteers To Build Lasting Relationships

Every volunteer who registers for an opportunity will have an individual profile that you can use to keep track of their interests and history. Keep them engaged before and after their service is complete.

On the administrative side, you’ll be able to track participation, hours, notes and contact information. Plus, send emails directly from your website to confirm signups and remind people about their commitments.

engage volunteers

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Collect Better Volunteer In-Take Information

Allow volunteers to RSVP themselves for upcoming opportunities. The standard interest form collects their name and contact information, but you can also create custom forms.

When you build a website on Advanced or Premium website plans, you’ll get access to the volunteer system as well as our flexible form builder. Embed forms with the fields you need to assess potential volunteers.

Have Questions About the Volunteer System?

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