SEO Tips for Nonprofits to Improve
Donor Retention

In this article we have compiled a list of tips to help you craft a website that will leave a lasting impression on your supporters.

To make this happen you need a proper theme that suits your purpose on SEO Tips for Nonprofits

Lets take an example of a THEME that is particularly designed for Nonprofits.

SEO Tips for Nonprofits

(1) Use content to attract supporters - the Prime SEO Tips for Nonprofits

Content plays a central role in retaining existing donors and growing a nonprofit’s primary revenue stream.

Most nonprofits are connected to a charitable cause that aims to do good in the world, so it’s natural that content strategies highlight the impact those organizations are making within their areas of focus.

You have only 10 seconds to engage supporters once they land on your website, so make it interesting. So you need to make your content interesting.

Its so easy to create and add content using a theme that particularly designed for nonprofits website. We will show how easily you can add content with different elements in your website using the above mentioned free theme.

Lets start with adding content to a page

  • create a page first
  • then open the page by using the option edit with elementor
  • In the elementor editor on the left side there are a bunch of widgets that you can use
  • From the let side drag the text editor widget and place it in the ‘+’ area
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you will get access to all the PRO features of the theme
  • After dragging it, 2 new areas will open up
  • In the left side editor, add your content piece or paragraph
  • You can change the formatting of the text by making it bold, underline or italics by using the tool bar above. You can even add heading tag to your content from the toolbar itself

To add media (image, video, CTA button)

  • Similarly like the ‘text editor’ drag ‘image’ from the left hand widget area
  • After adding, browse the image that you want to upload and insert the image into the post
  • To make further modifications in the image settings, check the options given in the image widget
  • Similarly drag the ‘video’ widget to add a video
12 1
  • Just replace the dummy video url by default given over there with the video url that you want to add and your job is done
12 1 1
  • To make further modifications, browse the other options here
12 2
  • To add a CTA button, simply drag the ‘button’ widget from the left side
14 1
  • Add relevant link to the URL area and CTA button text and you are done
  • After everything don’t forget to update the posts by clicking on the ‘update’ button below
If you signup for the FREE trial,
you will get access to all the PRO features of the theme

(2) Make Your Site Donor-Friendly

Fundraising is at the core of any nonprofit, so make it easy for your donors to donate from your website. It is even easier to do if you use a nonprofit related theme like this one

We will show you how easy it is to use the online donation system

  • Open your website (wordpress) dashboard and navigate to the donations menu and click on ‘add form’
  • Give the form name and select the template for donation form that you want to use and click on activate
18 1
  • All other settings are pre-defined, so just click on ‘Publish’ to publish your donation form live or even you can customize.

(3) Make Volunteer Recruitment Easy

If your organization uses lots of volunteers, then think about how volunteering opportunities are integrated into your website. Do you only have an option to volunteer from your homepage? How easy is it for volunteers to click to join from other pages on your site as well?

We will show how easy it is to do that with this FREE theme

For example if you open this page you can easily figure it out that it is a single volunteering opportunity page with a form to sign up to be a volunteer.

  • After a volunteer sign up for an event, the details of the volunteer are stored in volunteer database in your website and you can easily check that from the ‘Volunteers’ menu from dashboard
If you signup for the FREE trial,
you will get access to all the PRO features of the theme

(4) Tie Your Site to Social Media

From your website, give them easy access to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Integrating your social media buttons into your website increases engagement and awareness.

lets check how to add social icons to your webpage and how to integrate your social media channel URLs to it

Open the webpage in elementor mode (we hope that you are now familiar with how to open and edit a page with elementor)

Then in the left side panel search for the term ‘social’ and it will come up with some widgets related social media

22 1
  • Drag the social icons to wherever you want
23 1
  • It will show like this.
1 1

By default this premium widget draws FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YOUTUBE but you can easily add and remove social media platform by clicking on the ‘add item’ or clicking the ‘cross mark‘ beside each platform name

  • If you like to add your Nonprofit organization’s official social media channel URL, you can do it by putting your URL in the LINK section
2 1

(5) Have a great about page

When answering the question who is visiting the About Us page, the answer will likely to be clients who are considering to browse through the nonprofit organization website and are trying to evaluate if they can trust them. They are looking for convincing answers to their bunch of questions like –

  • If it is a private, public or a family-owned organization?
  • Is it a big organization or small?
  • What are the Core values of the organization?
  • What is the organization history?
  • Who is the owner of the organization?
  • What makes the organization special?

When creating your about page you should keep in mind to answer each and every question as far as possible.

Creating an about page is not difficult at all. It is even more easy to do it using a nonprofit based theme like this

  • First, create a page name ‘about’ and open it with elementor
  • To add text, image video and customized buttons refer to point 1 here

Do answer all the probable queries of your clients and you are ready to go

Here’s a sample about page for you

If you signup for the FREE trial,
you will get access to all the PRO features of the theme


As a member of Nonprofits organization, it is not your fault that you do not know much about how to rank your website pages in Google to make your offer visible to your donors, volunteers, or members and attract them to your offer. So if you would like to optimize your webpage for search engines check our article on SEO For NonProfits (2020 Guide)

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