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Then to now: This project was done several years back when we used to do informational content also, other than strategic designing for a website. Currently, we focus more on small business websites that seek a noticeable presence on the web and want to generate leads
for their business

The Brief

Robert had an old site that operated in ‘Survival’/’Preppers’ Niche. He wanted to redesign his website and generate more visitors through organic search results and outrank his established competitors. His actual goal was to sell off the website so that he could move to a different market he was planning for and wanted cashflow for some equipment he needed to buy for his next project.

Our Approach

We took up the project and started off by researching out the competitors in the ‘preppers’ industry to see what they were doing, what was working well for them, and any opportunities we could pursue to get Robert the results he wanted.

With keyword list and strategy in hand, we built out the website framework with the focus on these opportunities.

We took a content-first approach and created keyword targeted website pages and content which would funnel the visitors into successful conversion.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to purchase ‘preppers’ products through Robert’s Amazon affiliate links. The other goal (actually main goal for Robert) was also achieved as his website started ranking for keywords important in his market due to our Search Engine Optimization campaign and his website started gaining more traction in Google!

The overall website design was a modern, clean style with informative content for the visitors of the website.

survival site vwit

The Result

survival site vwit

Within 6 months after the new website launched, the website page views had increased by over 90% and the bounce rate was reduced by 15%.

The website quickly outranked several competitors for chosen search terms which has resulted in Robert receiving an increased visitor footprint for his website.

As a result Robert was able to achieve his goal – selling off the website to a buyer and arrange for the quick cash he needed.

Here’s what Robert said when we checked in to see how his website was going:


The design an mock up was completed quickly and needed no revisions. The site was structured properly and well planned out. They then began work on the content and provided unique,high quality content over about a 2 month period. The site and content were so good that I was able to sell the site for $1800.00! I HIGHLY Recommended Mou’s services.


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