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Then to now: This project was done several years back when we used to do informational content also, other than strategic designing for a website. Currently, we focus more on small business websites that seek a noticeable presence on the web and want to generate leads
for their business

The Case

Mike approached us for a complete redesign of an existing site on a timeshare related domain that he owned. His main objective was to have a site and SEO campaign that would rank for several industry-related keywords so that the website could get organic traffic. The other prime objective was to collect lead from the site visitors for timeshare sale or resale.

Our Approach

Before starting with any design aspect, we studied the competitors in the niche to see what they were doing, what was working well for them, and find gaps in search engine ranking that we could make use of to get Mike what he wanted.

With the keyword list and strategy in hand, we built out the website framework with the focus on those gap in the market.

The content was built based on keywords and the searchers’ intentions.
Also, a signup form for getting a free consultation for timeshare relief was added to the website sidebar as Mike wanted it to be the focal point of the entire website.

A Blog was also later added to the website project. We took the news centric approach for the blog as it was the best way to attract his target audience to the niche.

timeshare vwit

The Result

timeshare vwit

Within the fifth month of adding content, the timeshare website started receiving people’s queries who wanted to know more about getting relief from timeshare as the website was designed in a way to answer the prospective visitors’ questions regarding the topic.

Even more important, the lead capture form designed and strategically placed on the website, started providing a steady flow of 8 to 10 leads to Mike, which was his prime objective.

This is what Mike had to say about our work done for his project

Mike timeshare
Mike Price

Well I ordered this and here’s my experience with this project so far.

This was a little different than the actual offer because it’s a re-do for a domain I had for years with a landing page that really wasn’t getting any traffic to speak of.So I took that page down and Mou started from scratch.

It’s been 3 months since I ordered with Mou and the mind map and the keyword research were spot on.

The mock up was quickly developed and a couple changes I asked for were made without delay. Then multiple social sites and youtube were set up and the pages started being developed with articles written based on the keywords we selected.

They follow their schedule as stated in the offer and I’m very satisfied with this project, and will be placing another order or two in the near future. One for another existing domain I have and one where they choose the market.

If you’re on the fence about ordering or are skeptical, I have many websites with multiple reseller hosting accounts and this is the best deal I’ve ever found to have a customer site developed from the ground up!


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