How To Promote Your Webpage Through Pinterest to build your Local Business?

We hope that you have you have definitely heard about PINTEREST.

It is one of the most popular social media platform nowadays.

People who wants to promote his local business always opts for Pinterest as a social media platform.

This guide will show you How To Promote Your Webpage Through Pinterest to build your local business.

How To Promote Your Webpage Through Pinterest


Pinterest Makes A Great Addition To An SEO Strategy Because It Allows Business Owners To Specifically Target Products. Instead Of Receiving Irrelevant Or Uninteresting Facebook Posts And Tweets Because They Followed A Business, Users Pin And Return To The Items They Want To Make Or Buy.

Date: 05th October, 2020


If you start using Pinterest for promoting your webpage, it will considerably increase the value of your page and will also increase the share count of your webpage (so far as Social Trust is concerned) .

Visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert into leads or sales faster than from other social media sources.


What You Need

Basic info that i will need for promoting my webpage using Pinterest:

  • A Pinterest Business Account (Free)
  • Target webpage URL
  • At least 5 set of Graphics for pinterest
  • Title for each graphics to use in Pinterest
  • Description for each graphics to use in Pinterest
  • Tags for each graphics to use in Pinterest.
  • PinIt Hover pinterest image plugin installed in your WP website

Overview of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world. The popularity of Pinterest spans multiple generations. In 2012, many considered Pinterest to be one of the fastest growing websites in history. Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter and others.

Benefits of using Pinterest for promoting your webpage:

  • Pinterest converts more browsers into buyers.
  • Pinterest drives traffic (and lots of it).
  • Pins get you more inbound links.
  • User engagement is ridiculously high.
  • Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account.
  • Discover what your audience loves.
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Common misconceptions about Pinterest:

  • Only women are on Pinterest (females still make up the majority of the audience though)
  • People only pin food and wedding content (travel, clothing, home decor are big too)
  • My target audience isn’t on Pinterest
  • I don’t have time for another social network

The Steps

  • Login to Pinterest account
  • Navigate to boards
  • Click on the appropriate board
3 1

Click on the ‘+’ sign on the right hand corner of the page and click on ‘PIN’

4 1
  • A page will come like this
  • Browse the Pinterest graphics (Read – how to create Pinterest Graphics) from your PC to pinterest or you can also drag drop the image here
  • Add title to the ‘TITLE‘ zone
  • Add description to the ‘DESCRIPTION’ zone
  • Add Destination URL to the correct place

Read Here – How to Research for Pinterest Pin KWs and how to set the title and description for it.

5 1


6 1

After that click on the ‘PUBLISH’ button in the top right corner of the window.

7 1

After filling all the details, your page will look like this,

8 1

Scroll down a bit below, remaining section looks like this.

9 1

After clicking on ‘Publish‘ button, the complete pin looks like this,

10 1

After the pin gets published, you need to share this pin to group boards of your account.

  • Return to the respective board and click on the ‘SAVE’ button on the right corner of the pin you just published.
11 1

Browse to the appropriate group board name and click on the group board name to get it shared to the board.


After sharing a confirmation message will come like this.

Share to all the boards you have and keep sharing it.


Thats All 🙂

Keep following these steps with your pins, your webpage will gain a good Social Trust and will gather lots of share.

Additional Notes

Don’t forget to Install the PinIt Hover Pinterest Button Plugin to your WP website, as it helps visitors to pin your image in One Click using the plugin extention.

Good Luck!


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