Nonprofit Event System

Event Management System

Nonprofit events take time and attention to detail. Use an event management system within your website to power the process you need to boost attendance and participation.

Event System Features

Unlimited Event listings

Recruit for ongoing Events

Dedicated page for each events

Adding and editing Events from frontend

Advertise Unlimited Nonprofit Events

Our versatile and easy-to-manage event system allows for both registration and payment through your website. Each event that’s added to the system gets a dedicated page to help promote it and offer important details. Plus, there’s no limit to the number or type of events you can add to the site.

You’ll be able to select this option to collect the typical information your nonprofit needs for a free event that you’d like to collect registrations for.

Sometimes, you need to promote an event that doesn’t require payment or registration, like an open house at your nonprofit’s headquarters.

But what if you need to collect information that isn’t included on the paid or free registration forms? You’ll be able to create a custom event form to collect things like t-shirt sizes or meal preferences.

Collect & Download Event Registration Details

Unlike third-party tools you may have used in the past, you’ll get full access to the registration data collected for all events, including contact details for each attendee, payment information and other custom fields that you include in your online forms.

Simply log in to your website anytime to view and export a list of registrants to streamline check-in or keep your records updated.

Try The Event System With A Free Trial

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Keep Supporters On Your Site

It can be off-putting for people to get kicked to a third-party site to enter personal information like an address, phone number and credit card information. Our event system allows you to keep visitors on your nonprofit’s website from start to finish.

  1. Show an auto-updated list of your upcoming events
  2. Promote events across your site, like on the homepage
  3. View event-related website activity in Google Analytics
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Have Questions About the Event System?

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