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Get expert help with your website build when you choose a Grow or Amplify plan with content formatting and feedback. Our team will get your website closer to launch by making sure that your pages are ready for prime time and looking their best.

With formatting, our specialists take the reins and make design and content improvements to the pages of your choosing. We’ll then provide written feedback for an additional set of pages that you select.

You’ll save time and get a more professional website. Plus, you’ll get helpful tips you can use across your entire site to make a better first impression.

What’s Included in Content Formatting and Feedback

Basic Plan: No content formatting or feedback. But we’re here for support! Check out our Support Page
Grow Plan: Content formatting on up to 5 pages + feedback on up to 10 pages.
Advanced Plan: Content formatting on up to 15 pages + feedback on up to 30 pages.

Need more help or a full site build-out? Check out our add-on services.

See Formatting In Action

How the Process Works

When prepping a page for us to format, it doesn’t have to look good (unless you want to give it a try!) but we’ll need you to add the “raw material” to the page, like the copy, preferred images, documents, etc.

For pages that you want us to review, format the page to the best of your ability using our support articles and the Q&A session with your project manager.

When you’re ready to start the formatting and feedback process, you’ll give your project manager a list of the pages you want our team to format and review.

Not sure which pages to pick? We suggest starting with your homepage, your top-level pages, and any pages that you found difficult to put together on your own.

During content formatting, we’ll log in to your website and make direct changes to the pages you selected to help make them look great and drive your visitors to act.

For pages where we’re providing feedback, we’ll review the content you’ve added to the page and provide written notes on what should be done before launch in addition to tips and suggestions.

You’ll receive a document from our team with all of our feedback on the pages we reviewed, plus some general notes on the site overall. For example, we might remind you to add meta descriptions to all of your pages or rework the content on a page to include headers and bullet points for readability.

You’re now in control of the timeline for launch. You can review the changes we made during formatting and make additional adjustments if you’d like. You can also choose which pieces of our feedback you’d like to implement prior to launch.

When you’re all set, let us know you’re ready to begin the launch process.

What’s Included?

  • Help make your text more readable for the web
  • Stylize your text and images with WordPress blocks
  • Use photos and icons according to best practices
  • Add internal links to help user flow
  • Check the structure, page names and URLs
  • Add calls-to-action to drive visitor engagement

What Would Be an Add-On Service?

  • Write new copy for your pages
  • Add your content to the website
  • Build or test your online forms
  • Optimize content for search or specific keywords
  • More revisions after the process is complete

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