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Amazon Affiliate Site: An Upside Down Strategy That Wins Every Time!

Do you start Amazon affiliate site building process with Keyword Research?

If yes , you are doing it the wrong way... as most people do. It is not only the wrong way, it is a hard way of coming up with a winning niche topic for your site.

Here’s how we do it and win every time.

The Reverse (upside Down) Way....

Step 1: Find Top Selling Amazon Product in the Niche

Yes we start with the product first. We ensure that the product is best seller or one of the top seller in it’s category. This right off the bat removes the uncertainty of whether we are choosing the right product to promote.

We also generally use the following filters to choose the best product.
Price > $100
Rating >4
No. Of Reviews >5

But there is a third factor we use as described in our process map, which ensures we are choosing a hot niche.

Step 2: Find the Right Market To Match the Product

Yes. That’s Right. We match the Product with the right market.
For example. If the product chosen in step 1 is a bestselling Wine cooler...the market could be “Wine lovers”.

Step 3: Confirm Market by Cross Checking

But we hate guess work. What if there is no easy way to reach the market online? So our process map has 4 filters to ensure that we are choosing the right market for the product. If we cannot satisfy at least 3 out of the 4 filters we loop back to step 2 again to find the right market.

Step 4: Start Keyword Research

Once step 3 is confirmed we start with keyword research. Yes that’s right we actually start the keyword research in step 4. Surprising?

It’s the winning formula we are using for all our profit making Amazon sites.

We start with a base keyword list of 30 to 40 keywords but narrow it down by using 4 filters. This is one of the most important step which will ensure whether you make it easier to profit from the site or just waste your entire effort.

Download the free Process Map for complete details of all the checklists we use.

Step 5: Do Competition Research

Our competition research checklist has 6 filters, we use to finalize the actual keywords we will use to build the site around. It is the next most important step after step 4 to ensure that we have number of keywords ranking with a handful of backlinks.

This is exactly why we a 90 Days old site with just 20 pages get 70+ Keyword ranking in Google as revealed in this case study

Step 6: Start Building the Website

Now we start building the actual site. We always choose a brandable domain name. And we follow a nine step checklist for building a site that ranks well and more importantly converts well..

Step 7: Launch the Site

For launching the site we ensure we follow all 6 steps.
We do not add any Amazon affiliate link at the beginning.

Step 8: Promote the Site

We follow the 6 step process for promoting the site. We usually see the pages ranking for different long tail keywords after 90 days and sometimes within a few weeks. We evaluate , and repeat the 6 steps promotion again till we achieve the rank we are targeting.

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