Is lack of time holding you back?

Let My Team RESEARCH, BUILD and RANK Amazon Affiliate Site for You While You Relax and Watch
It Happen Before Your Eyes

If you feel that if you had enough and actually want to own a website that can really make money for you, check this snapshots from a case study first:

The Site Was Sold For $1200


Listen, you can go on dreaming and hoping about having websites that make money
OR you can choose the shortcut : L

If you choose later, here’s what my team can do for you:

  • ​Research and Find Potential Topic for Amazon Affiliate Site.
  •  Research and find ‘buyer’ keywords with good ranking potential
  • Install Wordpress blog and all required plugins.
  • Research and Write Product reviews for your site.
  • Onpage Optimization for each page (for image, article etc.)
  • Strategic Placement of Amazon Product Pictures with your Affiliate Links.
  •  Contextual Placement of Amazon Affiliate Links contextually
  •  Rank buyers keyword in Google Page #1

Robert Jillie
I HIGHLY Recommend VWIT Team's services.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my experience with Mou and VWIT team. I ordered the Authority on a Budget plan and let Mou and team go to work. The design and mock up was completed quickly and needed no revisions. The site was structured properly and well planned out. They then began work on the content and provided unique, high quality content over about a 2 month period. The site and content were so good that I was able to sell the site for $1800.00!

Here are screenshots from a more recent Case study.

This site got 70+ Google Ranking from 20 Pages in about 90 days

Here’s a snapshot of some of the keyword positions and their corresponding search volume for the above site. You can go through the detail case study here

So if you are not interested in theories and concepts and actually want to own sites like the above examples... here's our Offer For You :


Q. Can I see a sample site ?

​We do not disclose our or clients' sites as we do not want them to be copied. But here's an example for you:

Q. What about Domain and Hosting?

We can help you with deciding the domain name. You get the domain and send us your hosting cpanel info​

​Q. If I order more than 1 site do I get a discount?
Sure! For 5+ site order PM or mail us at ''

Q.​ Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
No. We spend our time working on the entire project, but we cannot work for nothing as you cannot return our time and effort spent on your project. However, if we cannot deliver what we promise above, we will refund your money.

Q. What is the turnaround time?
All orders will be processed in first come first serve basis. You will receive progress report of each step. Also you can mail us anytime you want. In general we take 30-35 working days to complete research and develop the Amazon Affiliate Website. For ranking it takes 90-120 days after the site is completed . Specially with Google's recent updates we are careful about aggressive link building as we don't want your site/s to trigger any google penalty.

Still have Questions? Contact Us here to ask anything ​about your project